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We are the only company leveraging
unbiased spatial analytics and explainable AI to get to the
“why” in immunotherapy trials


Spatial Analytics

Explainable AI

Spatially Intelligent Biology

Why Unbiased Spatial Analytics?

It is now well understood that complex spatial relationships, the emergence of intermediate cell types and states, as well as communications between cells in tissues are critical components of disease progression and must be major drivers for solutions in spatial biology.

We are the only company that can

  • Identify functionally relevant transition cell states and fusion cell types
  • Discover heterogeneous microdomains associated with disease progression and outcomes
  • Reveal pathway interactions,signaling networks,potential molecular targets and drugs with microdomain-specific spatial systems pathology

Why Explainable AI?

Pathologists and disease experts require transparency and trust in applying computational and systems pathology, not black-box deep learning AI with biased heatmaps as substitutes for explanations. According to experts “xAI will be the game changer in computational pathology”.

We are the only company that can

  • Explain why a particular recommendation is made in a clinician understandable language
  • Build trust and confidence in decisions
    recommended by the algorithms
  • Deliver information and actionable knowledge
    with xAI guides to pathologists and disease
    specific clinicians who remain in full control to
    make the final decisions

Are you leveraging the power of

Spatially Intelligent Biology?

Learn more about why explainable AI and next generation unbiased spatial analytics make a
difference in immunotherapy trials.