PredxBio at AACR 2022

PredxBio is ushering a new era of unbiased spatial analytics and explainable AI in precision pathology at AACR 2022 PredxBio announces that it will attend the 2022 Annual Meeting of American Association for Cancer Research in New Orleans, April 9-13, Booth # 3028 and Poster # 454 to present their precision pathology platforms, TumorMapr™ for […]

Thank you USCAP 2022 attendees

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth during the 2022 United States & Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) 111th Annual Meeting in Los Angeles. It was great connecting with so many pathology professionals and getting their encouraging feedback on our precision pathology platforms, #HistoMapr™ and #TumorMapr™, that deliver unbiased spatial analytics and explainable AI […]

PredxBio announces the new era of precision pathology at USCAP 2022

PredxBio announces that it will attend the 111th United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology Annual Meeting in Los Angeles March 19-24, Booth # 334 to present their precision pathology platforms, HistoMapr™ for transmitted light applications and TumorMapr™ for multiplexed/hyperplexed fluorescence and mass spectrometry imaging based on unbiased spatial analytics and explainable AI that answers […]

TumorMapr™ in Cell Report Methods

We are pleased to announce the publication of a proprietary, unbiased, automated and spatial analytics driven functional cell phenotyping approach in the September 2021 issue of Cell Reports Methods journal. The paper is publicly accessible from this link: Read more

HistoMapr™ Whitepaper v1.0 Released

Read our whitepaper to learn how the HistoMapr™ Software Analytical Platform with unbiased spatial analytics and explainable artificial intelligence (xAI) is extracting information and creating knowledge from transmitted light image datasets to address the unmet pathology needs of improving efficiency and accuracy of clinical workflows, biopharma discovery and development programs, and precision medicine including clinical […]

TumorMapr™ Whitepaper v1.0 Released

Read our whitepaper to learn how the TumorMapr™ Software Analytical Platform with unbiased spatial analytics and explainable artificial intelligence (xAI) is extracting information and creating knowledge from multi to hyperplexed fluorescence and/or mass spectrometry image datasets. PredxBio provides TumorMapr-Basic™ and TumorMapr-Advanced™ as a pipeline of critical solutions to the current challenges for precision medicine applied […]

PredxBio at AACR Annual Meeting 2021

Join us at American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2021 Our Poster #3172 focuses on in-situ functional cell phenotyping to reveal microdomain networks in colorectal cancer recurrence.

PredxBio selected to be part of the inaugural cohort of AlphaLab Health

Innovation Works and Allegheny Health Network announced the inaugural class of AlphaLab Health, a newly created business accelerator the two organizations launched this year to provide promising health-care and life-sciences businesses with the resources and support they need to grow and thrive. We are proud to be part of this inaugural class!

PredxBio Launches TumorMapr-Basic™

PredxBio launches TumorMapr-Basic™ software to process and quantitate multiplexed and hyperplexed image datasets based on either fluorescence or mass spec for rapid and basic measurements.  This complements the existing TumorMapr-Advanced™ spatial analytics and explainable AI (xAI) software for developing prognostic/diagnostic tests, drug target identification, clinical trial stratification and personalized therapeutic strategies using computational and systems […]

Functional cell phenotyping, microdomain discovery and spatial systems pathology

Access paper: This paper shows how to build a data-driven and computationally unbiased phenotypic hierarchy of cell types, cell states, and their spatial configurations from multi to hyperplexed tissue samples to characterize spatial intratumor heterogeneity,  discover recurrence-associated microdomains, and harness spatial network biology for precision medicine applications. This work in combination with our Nature […]

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B. Dusty Majumdar, PhD


B. Dusty Majumdar, PhD  is a seasoned leader in Precision Healthcare with more than 20 years of experience in building and successfully launching innovative technologies across oncology, multi-omics, Real-World Evidence (RWE). diagnostic imaging and liquid biopsy platforms leveraging some of the industry’s most advanced AI platforms, genomic and clinical simulations (digital twins), and emerging medical imaging technologies. Dr. Majumdar’s experience includes leading strategy and marketing as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at IBM and multiple commercial and technical leadership roles at GE Healthcare, Exact Sciences and 3M. He has also led the commercial and strategic functions in a range of start-ups in the healthcare/biopharma space over the last few years.  Dr. Majumdar is a widely respected global leader in the healthcare industry and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin and a bachelor’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur.  He has authored several peer-reviewed scientific publications and holds multiple patents.

Joe Camaratta

Sr. VP Business Development

Joe Camaratta specializes in medical technology innovation and commercialization, taking products from concept to clinical adoption. He held executive positions for GE Healthcare and Siemens Healthcare and built businesses in medical imaging, cardiology, and oncology. He founded and led two early stage medical technology companies that apply artificial intelligence to improve clinical decision-making.

Joe holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Rutgers University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Drexel University. He currently serves as an advisor to the Entreprenuerial Investing Program of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, and the University Science Center QED Program focused on commercialization of academic innovations

Bruce Campbell, MS

VP Software Engineering

Bruce leads the software engineering and quality assurance teams at PredxBio. As the VP of Software Engineering, he is responsible for analytical infrastructure, product development and the commercialization of machine learning, image processing, and computational biology algorithms. Prior to joining PredxBio, Bruce was at IBM and Xylem in global Director of Data Science roles. He has over 20 years of experience in digital pathology algorithms and is highly motivated to deliver care through digital and computational pathology. He has multiple successful FDA 510k device applications, and multiple CLIA certified algorithms deployed in clinical practice.

Bruce holds a BS in Physics and MS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Rochester, an MS in Statistics from North Carolina State University, and is currently pursuing graduate mathematics studies at The Ohio State University. Bruce loves the outdoors. You can find him hiking and rock climbing in Appalachia.